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October 22, 2015

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“Doing The Most Good” is the slogan reflected on The Salvation Army’s name tags for its employees.  People often express a notion of feeling good or doing good;  how about both?  A recent trip to drop off donations at The Salvation Army in Wynwood epitomized just that.


Antwun, who has been working for The Salvation Army for the past four months, is a Miami local representing Liberty City.  His smile is electrifying!  It is made even more sensational by his front gold tooth accented with a diamond star.  He shared that he got the tooth in the 10th grade circa 1989.  Doing the math and then asking for confirmation from the subject, that puts Antwun at 42 ripe years of age.  We were shocked by his youthful demeanor and warm spirit — surely a man of his age would be hardened by now!  Well, folks, if you’re looking for the fountain of youth, we got the look on some valuable secrets. 


Antwun embraces a youthful nature quite purposefully.  He explained that he likes to spend time at the beach with his cousin with whom he also DJs.  Music emanated from Salvation Army’s backlot in such a way that we surely ‘kicked it’ longer than needed to without even realizing.  “Goldie Oldies”, as Antwun refers to his genre of choice, dominated the flow but he was more than happy to shake it to Jidenna’s “Classic Man” when someone switched up the program.  It would seem that standing in the hot sun accepting donations could have its pitfalls but Antwun’s biggest stress of the day came from an instance where a vehicle dropping off donations ran over his audio cable and he had to scramble to get a new one.  (See also: to keep sipping that fountain of youth!)  


The sunlight reflected a glisten from his smile (both the natural and enhanced versions) and his laughter was so contagious that I cannot look at this photo without myself also smiling uncontrollably.  What a spirit!  Clearly the donations at Salvation Army go both ways.


Speaking of, we highly suggest you clean out your closets and holler at Antwun here (below) or find a location close to you!  Brush up on your "Goldie Oldies" tunes on the way in case you need an icebreaker!  



P.S.  WE love the video for “Classic Man”… almost as much as Antwun, the ultimate.

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