"What The Frick?!?!"

November 19, 2015

We are well aware that snapping photos at The Frick Collection in NYC is a MAJOR no-no, but this shot was too compelling.  


For those concerned about disrupting the original works on display with a flash, fear not -- we practiced our craft in a clandestine way, sans flash, and left the rest to a few tweaks on Photoshop.  


If you have not had the opportunity to yet view The Frick Collection, it is a pretty intense experience.  Art connoisseurs and admirers alike approach the masterpieces therein with reverence and never speak above a whisper about the intensity of the collection.  Anyone cursed with a sneeze at this inopportune moment would receive at least one glare; if not from a fellow guest but from an eagle-eyed security guard.  Thusly, forgive our irreverence for taking a snap inside despite strolling by a myriad of "No Photos Inside" warning signs.    




We had no choice.  


I never thought that I'd say "kids these days" or pan off a dearth of inspiration and lack of art appreciation to technology; by no means is it a trade-off.  However, the satirical nature of this snap is unavoidable.  How could the subject possibly be so bored (see also: most likely boring) that the content on her iPhone trumps original works by some of the most classic and masterful artists.  (For starters, Johannes Vermeer's "Mistress and Maid" is positioned on the wall that she is facing, but not in our frame.)  


Alas, who needs masterpieces when you have Instagram and Justin Bieber just farted?  Why study lighting and composition when you have Snapchat?


On a serious note, if you have not had the opportunity to view The Frick Collection in NYC, put it on the bucket list.  Regardless of your approach or medium, it doesn't hurt to take cues from the collection of the legendary industrialist Henry Clay Frick, located just footsteps from Central Park.  Just remember to withhold sneezes and try your hardest not to get a cheeky photo!   




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