"The Most Photographed Man In the World" : Louis Mendes | NYC Street Photography Series

November 27, 2015

"Ooh. Ahh.  Wow."


Giving credit where credit is due, it was an honor to be able to catch a snap of quintessential street photography legend Louis Mendes.  His dapper style and famed blocked hat look are unmistakably reminiscent of Harlem Renaissance styling (not by coincidence as Mendes currently resides in Harlem.)  He's been a staple of the NYC streets for over 40 years and serves as a mentor to all interested in his craft.  


Best known for being in possession of his Graflex Speed Graphic Camera, he is often referred to as "the most photographed man in the world." Perhaps this is in part attributable to the fact that he posts up outside B&H Photo Video in NYC.  Mendes has also worked with polaroid and made ripples with his double-exposure prints.    Total legend with swag to match.  


"I'm the only one with this camera.  This is about a moment for nostalgia. People see these cameras in movies, but they've never seen one in person. But when they see this, they go: 'Ooh. Ahh. Wow.'  (courtsey NYT article here.)


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