BTS Teaser : Los Bandidos Shoot Fashion Editorial in NYC

March 17, 2016

We've been dying to show you the finished product of our latest editorial but alas, due to rules of submission for publication we have been forced to keep our lips sealed!  


Los Bandidos took to the (cold) streets of NYC, defying Mother Nature's plan to derail the shoot with snow showers.  Never the type to let a little of the good old white stuff stand in the way, we actually viewed the landscape as a unique and pristine way to capture the City.   


The shoot was inspired by the changing face of St. Marks Place and the East Village/Alphabet City as marked by the relocation of punk rock style mecca Trash & Vaudeville.  (I remember buying my first studded belt there at the very angsty age of 14, but I digress.)  The purpose of this shoot was to canalize this sense of punk rock and rebellion through fashion using the authenticity of the neighborhood itself as a backdrop.  


So we "Blitzkrieg Bopped" it all over Tompkins Square Park and beyond, even dodging some snowballs from one of the park's likely full-time residents.  We're really proud of the final product and can't wait to share.


Details about the team and the publication to follow.  


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