Dear Readers, "The WRAP Series" Explained

May 11, 2016


Los Bandidos wanted to take a moment to “rap” about our ongoing Wrap Series in order to shed light on the philosophy, artistic context and perspective in which this photographic endeavor is based.  We consider the Wrap Series to be a conceptual art project that uses photography as a medium to express seemingly mundane objects in a visual arts context.  The project is a twist on “street photography” by making the subject of the series “wrapped” items discovered alongside the streets of Miami’s neighborhoods.  It’s an artistic approach to Miami’s backyards.  


Through our lens, we aim to transform the perception of the “ordinary” to offer an alternate reality.  The Wrap Series transforms the viewer into a refreshing state of imaginative curiosity as it beckons the question, “What is underneath the surface?”  It plays with the common understanding of shape and form.  The photos are also interlaced with a common color scheme intended to reverberate what we call “pop art feels”.  Lastly, it is our hope that this series inspires our audience to remove themselves from the monotony of day to day life and to also seek to find art under their noses at any given moment.  


The Wrap Series is a work in progress and we hope that you all enjoy the ride.



Los Bandidos del Arte














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