"UPLIFTING": Americana Pt. II

September 7, 2016


We are pleased to announce our latest photographic series entitled "UPLIFTING", as part of our larger Americana project.  




We’re often reminded that it is important to stay present; to “take time to smell the roses”, as it were.  That said, how often do we actually take a second to really take it in and just enjoy ourselves.


The purpose of the “Uplifting” series is to allow the viewer to take for themselves, a carefree cruise on a slowly swaying chair lift above the boardwalk and parallel to the seemingly endless Atlantic coastline.  The landscape below is dabbled with families setting up chairs for the weekly fireworks display and of longstanding family joints offering only the finest pizza slices, cheese steaks, raw clams and funnel cakes.  It takes you back to a time before we even had to discuss whether America was once great and "maybe" could be again and makes you realize in many ways, it still is.      


“Uplifting” is meant to appear, in a sense, cinematic.  Perhaps it conjures images of summer’s past, the feeling of a salty breeze, the taste of frozen lemonade, of awkward adolescence and carefree sun-kissed afternoons when it seemed that the sun might never set.  


Please remember to “take a seat” sometime soon, even today, and realize that there is an innocence and beauty in the stillness or in the smile of a stranger.  Maybe things simply aren’t that bad afterall.  


~*~*~*~*Check out the full series HERE!!*~*~*~*~


© Los Bandidos del Arte, LLC.  2016.  


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