National YoungArts Foundation: "Exhibition of Works by 2016 YoungArts Finalists"

January 11, 2016

"It takes a very long time to become young." -- Pablo Picasso 


If Picasso was in fact correct, we're probably still on our journey but attending the National YoungArts Foundation Exhibition of Works by 2016 YoungArts finalists certainly helped us on our conquest.  The design arts, visual arts and photography exhibition opened on  08 January 2016 and showcases the brilliant work of 45 artists aged 15-18.  The featured artists were carefully selected after having their portfolios reviewed from a pool of thousands of applicants.  The works are on display until 05 February, so if you're in Miami make sure to check it out or, at the very least, check out the 360-degree view via FB.  (shared on our FB page -- throw us a LIKE while you're at it ;) ) 


The exhibition proves to be inspiring for up-and-coming and established artists alike.  We're fully behind an organization that supports and fosters artistic creation and relevant skillset development.  It was a pleasure to witness the young artists interacting within their own community and with the general viewing public.  One could hear banter between the featured artists about technique, composition, idea generation, mediums and interpretations.  The young artists were happy to discuss their work in detail upon inquiry and did so with confidence and clarity.  It was highly impressive to witness such clear perspectives and visionary sentiments expressed by artists half my age!  The experience was truly priceless for all involved.    


All in all, it may be said that youth is wasted on the young but I'd argue that we've all got a thing or two to learn from these kiddos!  Thanks for the inspiration and challenge accepted!!!   


© losbandidosdelarte, llc.  2016.  




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