The 365 Party: Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami (ICA) - 11 Nov 2016

November 13, 2016

men and girls

came and went

like moths among

the whisperings

and the champagne

and the stars

  • F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby


If anybody knew how to throw a party, it would indubitably be F. Scott Fitzgerald’s fictitious character Jay Gatsby in the Great American novel The Great Gatsby.  The novel, set in the “roaring twenties” depicts lavish soirees, champagne, Rolls Royces and glorious excess.  In contrast, 2016 has been a divisive year that was less about anything “Great American” and more about “Making America Great Again.”          


It would seem that The 365 Party, hosted by the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami (“ICA”) & sponsored by Cartier, took a page from F. Scott’s book and left an impression that all politics aside, some sort of greatness is still among us.  (In the name of art!)  The party was a star-studded and extravagant affair with all of the accoutrements; sparkly champagne, silver and gold confetti and attendees clad in their most luxurious fashion-forward attire.  And because no party is complete without a little booty-shaking, the party featured a performance by famed British choreographer Michael Clark & the after-party guests danced into the wee hours to a DJ set by Total Freedom.  


While Gatsby hosted parties just for the hell of it, The 365 Party actually serves an important purpose.   ICA is committed to providing free and open access to contemporary art.  In addition, the glorious fête commenced an official countdown to the opening of ICA’s permanent space set to open in late 2017.  (P.S. We can’t wait!)  Los Bandidos would also like to extend our congratulations to this year's honorees, Alberto Ibargüen, President of the John S. & James L. Knight Foundation and Ray Ellen & Allan Yarkin, members of ICA Miami's Founders Circle. 


What the ICA venue made clear is that Miami is finally starting to solidify the international recognition that it well deserves as a city serious about art and culture.  We don’t favor name-dropping but the support from the guests in attendance at ICA’s biggest night of the year clearly fortifies its place both locally and globally as an art destination and force to be reckoned with.


Thanks for having us and we can’t wait to see how much more ICA will deliver to Miami and the world in its new home.  Cheers!
























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