Josh Sperling - MAN CHILD @ Bill Brady Gallery

February 22, 2017

We were more than pleased to attend the opening of NYC-based artist Josh Sperling's show "Man Child" at the Bill Brady Gallery in Little River, Miami.  To describe the works as refreshing would be an understatement.  To begin, the colors are whimsical, playful, pop.  Sperling's experience working with KAWS is evident but at the same time seriously transcends it.  It is also interesting to decide whether you would define the pieces as paintings or sculptures (or both) as they are comprised of stretched canvases with dimension.  Ultimately, the choice is yours so take it from DaVinci as to where you want to place it:



Leonardo DaVinci on the difference between painting & sculpture:

"The prime marvel to appear in painting is that it appears detached from the wall, or some other plane, and that it deceives subtle judges about that thing that is not divided from the surface of the wall.  In this case, when the sculptor makes his works, what appears is as much as there is.  This is the reason the painter needs to make it his duty to know how the shadows are accompanied by the lights.  This science is not needed by the sculptor because nature helps his works just as it makes all other corporeal things.  When light is taken away from these things, they are of the same color, and when the light is restored they are of varied colores, that is chiaroscuro.  The second thing that the painter with great discourse needs is to place the true quality and quantity of the shadow and lights with subtle investigation.  Here nature alone puts them in the work of the sculptor.  Perspective, a most subtle investigation and invention of mathematical studies, by the power of lines, makes what is nearby appear remote, and what is small appear great.  Sculpture is helped by nature in this respect and does it without any invention by the sculptor."  


The show runs until 25 March 2017 - Trust us when we say that we highly recommend it! 











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