Super-Gr8: Wolfson Archives Tour x Christo Coverage

October 8, 2018


In the ever-changing and booming metropolis that is Miami, it is easy to feel that a deep sense of history is amiss; that is, if you don’t know where to look--and it’s not too far.  Whether you wanted to create your own narrative in time by having your family home movie Super-8 digitized (although you probably don’t because we all would like to forget those awkward teenage years) or query some strange fake Florida news from the 80s, The Wolfson Archives at Miami-Dade has your back.


The inspiration for this post comes in particular after seeing Miami come together as a community to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of both Christo & Jean-Claude’s Surrounded Islands at Pérez Art Museum Miami [PAMM] on 4 October 2018.  About a month earlier Los Bandidos had the pleasure of attending an open house at the Wolfson Archives at Miami-Dade in celebration of Downtown Art Days for the Arts Launch weekend, marking the kick-off of arts’ season.  Unbeknownst to me, the Wolfson Archives contain heaps of donated family movies, vintage news clips, sports videos and the like. As such, we were treated to a viewing of a segment from the nightly news from 5 May 1983 detailing the impact of winds delaying Christo and Jean-Claude’s Surround Islands exhibit.  [I’ve uploaded it for you viewing pleasure.]


Los Bandidos would like to personally thank Kevin Wynn for the gracious and informative tour.  It was truly inspiring to learn about the process of converting various sorts of antiquated film reels to digital format.  If you head to the link and find yourself handy with the search query you can go down a rabbit hole of Miami history -- and trust me, the 80s were a good time.  


Wolfson Archives are certainly archival but in many ways “ahead of the times.”    


[video courtesy of the Wolfson Archives.]


Photos x text © Los Bandidos del Arte, 2018. 





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