"BASSic": select scenes from The Bass Museum, Miami Beach - Art Basel//Miami Art Week 2018

January 1, 2019

The term "basic AF" might be a front-runner for admission into the lexicon of Oxford Dictionary for 2018 (friendly reminder that "bling bling" actually made the cut in 2003) --and it is no better exemplified than in the numerous fetes and soirees that make up the "fluff" surrounding Art Basel Miami Beach//Art Week Miami.  


That being said, we're not claiming we're above it (like, my black lipstick was a total fail) and in fact, we're sure that there were quite a number of individuals with substance, grace and mega credentials at The Bass Museum's ABMB 2018 fiesta--and yes, we know it reminds with "ass, crass, class, grass, and sass" and has nothing to do with the opposite of treble. It was a blast (from what we can remember), basically.  



Select photos below:






















© Los Bandidos del Arte//NG4th, 2018.  

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